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Compensation claims from car accidents

The traffic accident compensation can be achieved when the injured party is not to blame for the accident, often in some situations compensation can be achieved when there is a fault of the damaged one. The injured party who was not driving the vehicle always has the right to compensation. Indemnification can be achieved when the culprit of the accident was not insured or registered. If it has been an enormously long time since an accident happened, even when it appears that the statute of limitations has occured, the compensation can be sometimes achieved.Therefore, in all cases we recommend a free consultation with our office.

Indemnification at work and outside of work

Reparation of damage can be achieved not only when the injuy happened at work and related to work, but after hours and unrelated to employment. Indemnification may be charged when your employer did not pay the insurance premium, but did close the contract of insurance. If the injured is passenger in public transport (bus, train, taxi, etc. ..), he always has the right for a compensation.

All disputes regarding insurance

Office is mostly working in a representation of individual and legal persons and most often in cases that are associated with mandatory car insurance and comprehensive car insurance. The office also deals with the representation of insurance companies in general litigation initiated against them by people who are damaged and jobs recourse claims against individuals and legal entities.


Office is especially engaged in activities in expropriation, it is worth of noticing that all representation costs bears the user of expropriation, and for the client are totally free.